About Martin Wickings

Currently at SE/Stofa, part of the strategic innovation team. My focus is digital innovation, so in 2018 that means chatbots, machine learning and blockchain.

Also me…

2014-2016: SHOPFANT ApS
A cross-border webshop search engine. Shut down in 2016, as we ran out of money. See Finans.dk and Trendsonline.dk or an explainer video.

2011-2016: HEYBUY ApS
Bluetooth Smart (iBeacon) SaaS, consulting and app development. Learn more here: heybuy.dk or ibeacon.dk. Sold to Emplate ApS in 2016.

2010-: CANDELA ApS
Smart LED lighting solutions. Sells high quality LED strips on candela-led.dk and owns a smart bulb brand named candela-smart.com.

My personal playground for new concepts. This is where I learn. Some of them:

-now: Leasingtilbud.com, car leasing comparison, +10k monthly visitors
-2015: Flixfilms.nl, Netflix news, +100k monthly visitors
-2010: Collage World, iOS collage app, +200k downloads
-2010: BlockThatProxy, anti-fraud SaaS for webshops, +1000 “customers”
-2007: WorldUnlock Codes Calculator, +6 million downloads
-2009: Seunlock.dk (.se + .de), mobile unlocking, +30.000 customers
-2004: GSMinside, B2B mobile repair service, +5.000 customers


Next step…

Would like to join the board of a company that needs help with digitalization.

I’m very good with digital (innovation), have a lot of hands on experience with developing apps/websites, online marketing, e-commerce, chatbots, machine learning and more.

You can reach me on +4560888852.

Martin Wickings